Membership to RENU

creativeMembership to the organisation includes the subscribers to the RENU Articles of Association and is to be open to others who may be registered by the company, having paid such enrolment fees and subscriptions as shall be prescribed. Organizations that apply for membership of RENU shall be accepted provided they satisfy the following minimum conditions:

  1. Be legal entities operating in Uganda
  2. Have an ICT Policy and ICT Master Plan
  3. Have a functioning Local Area Network connected to the Internet
  4. Have an established information resource management function
  5. Meet the cost of membership as agreed by the launch meeting or reviewed by the signatories to the Memorandum of Understanding

Duties of Membership

No member organisation shall engage or participate in, or condone any act that may be detrimental to the Company and it shall be the duty of every member to do its utmost to promote the Company's objects.

Every member organisation shall with due diligence ensure that it sends representation to every meeting of the Company which it is eligible to attend and of which it has been duly notified.

As good reputation is a prima facie consideration for membership, every member organisation shall conduct itself in an exemplary manner so as to boost the image of the Company. In particular every member organisation shall ensure that its representatives refrain from any act involving moral turpitude.

A representative of a member organisation who acts in breach of any of the duties imposed on him/her by the foregoing article may be suspended from representing that member organisation pending further action of the Company.

The Research and Education Network for Uganda (RENU), like all other National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), offers a unique suite of services to its members.

The network, as an ICT service provider, offers access to a range of options that commercial operators cannot offer. For example, access to and sharing of research and education content at no cost; ICT infrastructure sharing and collocation arrangements; and the development of best practices in network management and content development.

The network incorporates human capacity development to achieve sustainability and invests savings back into service improvements since there is no distribution of profits.

  1. Access to much more Affordable, Efficient and Flexible R&E Connectivity (Reduction of the unit cost of bandwidth of Research and Education Institutions (R&EIs) to a fraction of what was previously paid).
  2. Flexible bandwidth optimised for R&E applications such as peering with other R&E institutions and supporting video conferencing.
  3. Enabling nationally and globally distributed research teams.
  4. Linking institutions to their regional centres & international collaboration partners
  5. Access to remote online resources for teaching and learning (e.g. eI4Africa science gateway) through a well-tested global NREN model.
  6. Tariff-free traffic (data, voice & video) exchange among campuses in Uganda.
  7. Access to staff training and capacity development opportunities through regional and international partnerships.
  8. Mutually beneficial resource-sharing to minimise costs and improve reliability.

Acquisition of Membership

An organisation may become a member of the Company:-

  1. Upon its application being accepted by a majority of members of the Board of Directors at their meeting; and
  2. Upon payment of a prescribed entrance and annual subscription fees, whereupon its particulars shall be entered in the Company's register of members.
  3. All subscription fees shall be paid within the first 30 days of being accepted as a member.

The Board of Directors shall not be bound to accept any application, nor shall it be bound to assign any reasons for rejecting a particular application.