Tertiary Institutions

Institutions of higher learning that typically offer academic and professional programs, plus vocation-oriented programs, constitute the tertiary member institutions of RENU.

Membership in RENU as a tertiary institution is by application and is subject to official recognition and accredition of the institution by the Uganda National Council for Higher Education as a legally operating institution of higher learning, or by the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology as a legal reseach laboratory.

  1. Management Training and Advisory Centre (MTAC)
  2. MultiTech Business School
  3. National Teachers College - Muni
  4. School of Nursing and midwifery - Mengo Hospital
  5. Uganda Institute of Bankers (UIB)
  6. Uganda Institute of Information and Communication Technology (UICT)
  7. Uganda Management Institute (UMI)
  8. YMCA Comprehensive Institute