About Us

Research and Education Network for Uganda is a not for profit organization that offers affordable services uniquely needed to enable optimal operations for its member institutions, which include universities, tertiary institutions, and research institutions in Uganda. The network, as a cooperatively owned and community-driven Research & Education (R&E) services provider, helps to facilitate research and education networking among its member institutions, as well as interconnecting them with other research and education networks and to the commercial Internet worldwide, thereby overcoming the traditionally high costs of information and knowledge sharing and exchange.

We are also proud to say that RENU offers a range of options for services that commercial operators cannot offer. For example, access to the sharing of research and education content at no cost, ICT infrastructure sharing, and collocation.

RENU also recently embarked on providing more services to its member institutions like the RENU Cloud and the RENU Open Source Mirror.


Our Mission and Vision

Our Vision
To be a world class research and education network that effectively facilitates Ugandan research and higher education institutions to fully participate in and contribute to the global knowledge society.
Our Mission
To facilitate collaboration among Uganda's research and education institutions for knowledge creation, sharing and utilisation, through the provision of advanced networking and other advanced technical services.

Our Values

We encourage a culture of discipline in order to maximise benefits to RENU member institutions and meet the expectations of RENU stakeholders.
We strive for quality networking and related services to member institutions, to fulfill our aim of reliably serving as many R&E institutions as possible to facilitate and enhance knowledge sharing in Uganda.
We provide access to regional and global Research and Education Networks (RENs), high-value research resources and commodity Internet by connecting members to the Regional R&E Network and on to the global REN infrastructure. RENU works closely with member institutions to refine their ICT infrastructure and enhance the access experience of end-users and with its partners to make the most of their support through providing the best possible ICT-enabled services to the Research and Education Community in Uganda.
Transparency, which embodies appropriate information-sharing and open communication, ensures that member institutions and other stakeholders feel that they are privy to what is going on at RENU.
Mutual respect is at the core of successful collaboration. Therefore, all member institutions are treated with the appropriate respect and equitably. We acknowledge and respect differences intrinsic to each institution, and provide a supportive environment in which all individuals, staff, member institutions and stakeholders are valued, and encouraged to engage in open two-way communication.
We value honesty, fairness, openness, responsibility and the clear definition of boundaries in all interactions, relationships and practices, both within the organisation, with RENU guests, stakeholders and the broader community.