Membership to RENU

creativeRENU Membership is open only to Research and Educational institutions that are endorsed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation through the Uganda National Council for Science and Technology (UNCST), as well as Tertiary Education Institutions endorsed by the Ministry of Education through the Uganda National Council of Higher Education (UNCHE). An Institution that works with research institutions and tertiary education institutions subscribed to RENU membership can be admitted as an affiliate member, through a vote in their favour, by the RENU Board of Directors. Additional information relating to RENU membership and associated member responsibilities will be provided to each institution that is admitted to membership.

Highlights of RENU membership benefits

  1. Access to much more Affordable, Efficient and Flexible R&E Connectivity.
  2. Optimally managed bandwidth to serve requirements of R&E institutions.
  3. Facilitating effective collaboration of nationally and globally distributed research teams.
  4. Linking institutions to their regional centres & international collaboration partners.
  5. Access to remote online resources for research, teaching and learning through a well-tested global NREN model.
  6. Tariff-free on-network traffic.
  7. Access to RENU-facilitated capacity development opportunities through regional and international partnerships.
  8. Mutually beneficial resource-sharing to minimize costs and enhance reliability.
  9. Access to the advanced NREN services like the RENU Cloud and data center, eduroam, the RENU Identity Federation (RIF), video conferencing and web hosting.

 Membership Admission

An organization may become a member of RENU: -

  1. Upon its application and verification of eligibility through sharing a valid copy of UNCHE certificate of registration (for a tertiary education institution or a copy of a duly authorized UNCST letter of endorsement (for research organizations).
  2. For affiliate members, the application has to be accepted by majority of members of the RENU Board of Directors at their physical or online meeting.

Upon paying the non-recurrent cost (NRC) for connecting them to the RENU network. All services subscription fees shall be paid within the first 30 days of being connected to the RENU network.

The RENU Board of Directors shall not be bound to accept any application, nor shall it be bound to give any reasons for rejecting a particular application.