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Intro. to Network Operations

RENU and ISOC will be hosting this event online from 10th February to 6th March 2020.

Direct Engineering Assistance I

The first DEA for 2020 is scheduled for 16th March to 20th March.

Capacity Building 2020

Latest News

RENU Holds Talk Show on NTV Uganda

On 11th January 2020, RENU hit TV screens for the first time with an exciting talk show under the theme 'Role of NRENs in R&E - the Case of RENU'. Thanks to the panelists - Prof. Michel Lejeune, Dr. Julianne Sansa-Otim and Dr. Maxwell Otim Onapa for the excellent presentation. Click link to watch.

RENU now Offering Plagiarism Detection Software

On 20th August 2019, RENU introduced to its members yet another exciting service, the Turnitin Plagiarism Detection Software. Turnitin is a worldwide pioneer in evaluating work from researchers and learners, and hence very good for institutions to maintain academic integrity in contributing to knowledge creation, dissemination and application.

RENU to Connect Over 50 Schools

In our continued efforts to uplift the quality of research and higher education in Uganda, on 24th April 2019, RENU signed an MoU with the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) to connect at least 55 schools to the RENU network in 2019.