It was back in mid-2017 that NTC Muni got connected to RENU and the institution has never ever regretted taking such a decision. The exceptional services RENU provides are worth every penny.

Moses Olupot
NTC Muni

I can testify that after we had the DEA in August 2019, the end user experience has been very good, the number of calls to my desk has drastically reduced and I can say IPv6 has done great magic here in Lira.

Daniel Okallo
Lira University

When the factors at play were weighed i.e. costs, location of the cloud services and the legal implications of storing biometric data, it was obvious that RENU Cloud would offer a much better alternative. Costs for using the RENU Cloud were less than quarter of the comparative pricing for other candidates.

Richard Ssebagala

By using the RENU federated identity service, users at RHSP are able to access journals through the NIH library at no cost by using their organizational identities.

Lloyd Ssentongo